The Last Professional

A note from Ed Davis

Come Along and Ride This Train . . .a trip that began in a boxcar over 40 years ago. Bucking the odds, THE LAST PROFESSIONAL – an adventure about friendship, honor, and identity set among thundering freight trains and the vagabonds who ride them – has finally left the station!

About The Last Professional

In returning to the rails – the river of steel – fifteen years after a childhood trauma that haunts him, young Lynden Hoover gets help from The Duke, an old hobo who calls America’s landscape his home and adheres to a time- honored code. Bonds are formed, and secrets exposed as The Duke flees Short Arm, his relentless and brutal nemesis.

The Duke mentors Lynden on life on the tracks, using the vibrant language of the boxcar life gleaned from years riding across great swaths of country. With the help of the trusted “knights of the road”, Lynden and The Duke head to a harrowing climax with Short Arm where generations collide and lives hang in the balance.

Partnering with (for print copies) and Libro.FM (for audiobooks) – both of whom are bucking the odds against Amazon by supporting bookstores with every sale – I’ve created this Bookstore Friendly Order Page. If you can’t visit your favorite local bookstore in person, ordering here will let you make a meaningful statement of support for that store, and feel good about your purchase!

In addition to already being a bestseller on both and Libro.FM, THE LAST PROFESSIONAL is pulling in great reviews — always music to any writer’s ears. And to facilitate book club discussions, or for those readers who want to delve a bit deeper into this hidden world, I’ve developed a unique readers guide you can checkout and download.

Thanks for joining me on this journey, and may the rails always rise up to meet you!


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