A Matter of Time by Ed Davis

A Matter of Time

   24 hours to live

   24 hours to write the story

Get ready for a one-of-a-kind reading experience! 
You are right there for the hero’s last 24 hours on death row, and right there with the author as he races to write this breakneck thriller in just 24 hours!
On Friday morning, November 29th, 2002, at 5AM, I sat down at my computer, intent on writing a 50,000 word novel in just 24 hours. In the aftermath of 911 our country was swinging dangerously toward authoritarianism. As a response, I wrote a cautionary tale of how badly things might go; never dreaming that 16 years later much of what I predicted would seem eerily familiar. You can watch the time-lapse video of my effort here, and download the full novella (it came in at just under 30,000 words) for free by clicking here. It is a quick read and a wild ride. I hope you will join me!
Link to the creative process behind A Matter of Time
A Matter of Time
5.0 rating based on 12,345 ratings
Overall rating: 5 out of 5 based on 18 reviews.

Thought provoking

A great read, frightening in its look at the decline of democracy. So many parallels with today’s world. Remember that democracy only works if all participants play by the rules. This book shows how extremism destroys and it is all focused on one man who got caught in the fallout.
- Helen Ackland


Hour by hour.Minute by minute. What would your thoughts be on the last 24 hours of your life? We went on Ed’s last day with him as he took us through his life. Great story to follow. But that ending! Did not see that coming! Thanks for the free download!
- Chanda Curry

Victory in the guise of surrender . . .

I was immediate;y drawn into the eerie setting of a prisoner, Ed’s final 24 hours in a jail cell before being executed. The author is brilliant in bringing out the desperate thoughts and regrets, all the- I should have could have would have’s of a man on death row that he was struggling with. My heart wrenched and I was afraid with him and for him. When he spoke of his memories of his life in Elgin with his family, his children, his friends, his work - his "men group THE SOG' S ( I won't give away what that acronym stands for) I sobbed out loud. His heartfelt grieving words of what everyone should have, “a safe place - a home that they can go to where they are comforted” just resonated into my heart. I don't want him to die I just met this character 20 minutes ago and I want him to live. The images of the guards, hos cell, the indignities, the “schedule”, his last meals brought this prelude to death so alive. I was heartsick. And all this wrapped around and blended within a political climate of inhumanity and of injustice with organizations like the NRA and the SOG'S positions in government advocating for change and so much more which all contributed to Ed's last 24 hours. The politics sickened me and the author was skillful in blending the issues, the fears, the hopes, the struggle for change. A truth impossible to comprehend. A final victory in the guise of surrender, of self empowerment against all odds.
- Gail Eichinger

A Matter of Time

I loved this book! Once I started, I wanted to read it straight thru. The ending was just perfect, although I didn’t see it until it had already happened!. Your writing was so detailed that I felt like I could picture each of your characters in my mind! Can’t wait to read more of your stories!
- Linda Koch

A Matter of Time

Thank you so much for the free book. I found it impossible to put down and read it in just two days. I really felt as though I was living it. A truly riveting read and I will encourage my reader friends to read it.
- June Nightingale

A Matter of Time

Thank you. This was an excellent read. Totally drawn into this mans life and his thoughts. Never imagined the end though!
- Sue Precious

A Matter of Time

Finished it yesterday. A very good book. Fear this could happen in a few countries. Great twist at the end!
- James Jackson

Great read!

Not overly lengthy, an interesting read, with even a catch at the end!
- Valerie

A Matter of Time

Just finished a matter of time(in quick time), it was a great commentary on how things are going in America these days. Good suspense, sorry he had to die!
- Carolyn glass

A Matter of Time”

“A Matter of Time” by Ed Davis draws the reader in quickly. I found it well-written, thoughtful and impossible to put down.
- Ron Young

Matter of Time

V clever. Well written with twists that held me
- Alan Nicholson

The Story It Tells Is Brilliant!

Oh wow! I wasn't sure what to expect with this book. The premise of writing a novel in just twenty-four hours was intriguing, and for a short while, I didn't know where this book was heading. But the story it tells is brilliant. A group of men making their small town into a haven from a not-so-pleasant (or far-fetched) future in the United States shows how easily life can be improved for everyone in small ways. The messages are clear, and the writing brings everything to the fore so simply, as if it's all just common sense. Which it is. The big question through most of the novel, though, is what happened to put Ed Davis on Death Row? The answer is a political nightmare, and one we have to strive to avoid. I'm not American, but I fully relate to all the problems the SOGs faced in their small town of Elgin, and I just love their pragmatic approach to civic leadership. Without giving away any spoilers, the ending of the book is unexpected, but so right. This book is well worth the read.
- Di Paterson

A matter of Time

I couldn't put it down...this could be a movie...a screenplay....wonderful flow and vivid imagerie....I really liked it.
- Paul Morrison

Really cool idea and still so relevant

I could not imagine writing 30,000 words in just 24 -hours... and then them turning out to be this good. Connecting the idea of writing a book in 24 hours to someone living out their last day on Earth was so creative. It's so hard to imagine what it would be like on Death Row, so I feel like the nature of A Matter of Time gives you that fast-paced/real-time experience of counting down to the last second. And even though the book was written in 2002, there is some relevancy now in 2018 that makes a not relatable protagonist relatable. It's a quick read, highly recommend for thriller lovers, political junkies, and creative writers looking for their next writing challenge.
- Kathryn Notestine

Great Stuff

Really enjoyed this, succinctly written and a real page turner. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time.
- Bill

A Matter of Time

Ed Davis took me on the most exciting adventure I ever experienced reading a book! A Matter of Time is an incredible, fast-paced novel giving readers insight into a man's last hours to live. I love how the book is a quick read, but it delivers a fun and timely tale of demise. The 24-hour structure gives the book another level of intensity and sophistication not frequently seen in fiction. The themes in the novel complement the current political climate so perfectly it almost makes Davis seem like a prescient storyteller. I highly recommend A Matter of Time!
- Marissa DeCuir

Such a cool concept!

This one was hard to put down. The fast pace makes it easy to get lost in the story and I couldn't wait to get to the end and know what happens! It's cool to read something written in 2002 that's so relevant today in 2018.
- Meghan

This is cool!

This story is a real rush, in a good way. Something about the hour-per-chapter concept really drives it, not to mention the content. A guy counting down the last 24 hours until his execution, at the hands of a government that looks way too damn familiar. The fact that Davis pulled this off in a single day . . . that's awesome.
- Abe

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